Haiti Mission Trips


Healthcare Friends for Haiti

On February 21, 2016, a group of 13 health care workers set off on a trip from Roanoke, VA to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to help provide medical care to the people living there. While there, we spent time in different areas of Port-au-Prince each day. Our first day was spent teaching health and sex education to a group of 500 school-aged children. Our next few days we provided free medical clinics in differing parts of Haiti. One day we were at an inner-city clinic with an established American doctor, the next we were in the country at an area covered by a tarp caring for people outside of the city. Our last day of clinics, we ventured up into the mountainside of Haiti to care for patients who might only get to see a medical professional once a year.

During the entire trip, we estimate that we treated approximately 1000 people, including free medications, and educated approximately 1500 people on health and sex education. By providing basic medical care, including blood pressure and vital sign checks, antibiotics for known infections, and basic daily medications such as vitamins and Tylenol, we were able to touch the lives of many people living in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In February, 2017 we will be making our second annual trip back to Port-au-Prince to partner with our Haitian friends and the Americans living there to provide medical care once again. 

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